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May 19th, 2008, 12:14
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I pay AUD$90 for 25Gb @ 8Mb/s. It's far from the worst but also far from the best in the world.

It's obvious that NA is a huge market and the home territory of many of these publishers but in the case of digital downloads, segmenting the market by country boundaries is completely unnecessary. Eastore and direct2drive already sell Mass Effect and they both already sell to AU (I can buy Hellgate: London direct from EA, for example…yay!)…so it's more work to exclude me than just leave it alone and take my money.

The reason is likely EA Australia doesn't want the parent company competing with local sales. This is ridiculously easy to solve.
I got seriously turned off by direct2drive lately.

I bought Beyond Good and Evil from them a few years ago. Registered with my real contact info, paid, downloaded, played, eventually deleted when rebuilding my system.

Then I got the feeling that I'd like to play it again. So I logged in, looked for my games, found it, clicked on the download link, and… got a message saying "Sorry, this game is only available in North America."

So I lied: I changed my contact information to Missoula, Montana. And proceeded to download. And resolved never to buy anything from them again, ever, and be extra careful about buying on-line downloads from anyone else either.
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