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May 23rd, 2008, 18:47
Originally Posted by Yeesh View Post
Play your PnP games on your own time, wierdos. The question here is, is 4th ed better for CRPGin'? I've been playing BG2 again, trying to finally break through my mid-game malaise, and I certainly see places where 2nd ed was laming it up. 3rd was definitely a step up, and the mechanics of NWN were much more intuitive because of it. What I've seen of 4th is certainly confusing, after a lifetime (yikes) of the other editions, but if the new system better lends itself do some turn based tactical dungeon crawling… well that would be nice.
I'm not sure I agree with that - my table top PnP gaming is entirely separate from cRPG'ing - and I'm happy for it to remain that way. There are better rulesets (a religious debate I guess) than d20 for cRPG anyway. My issue is with the move towards (as one person put it) the WoW "paradigm" in a table-top game. If I wanted to play WoW I would play WoW (or it's clones). It would not surprise me if some corporate big-wig told the WotC designers "gee, look at WoW - we should be like them, cos we can make lots of munnnnnney!" And they'd been planning this for years! There are a lot of people in their late 20's, 30, and more who enjoy games like the current rule set and who grew up with older incarnation of D&D. Why alienate them? And yes, this is my opinion, but if you cast around the forums and chat with long-time players this feeling is common.
As for not breaking or invalidating your current rulebooks (which one poster seeme dto suggest) - huh? Many of stats, feats etc listed in those books are useless if you want to adopt a 4ed campaign. That requires major PT to go through and re-engineer/rebalance etc encounters, creatures. They've also broken magic in Faerun, where my campaign was based and concocted some really dodgy explanation. To those who are starting from a clean slate (and want an action game) - sure this will be right up their alley. Now let's all pull out our +30 swords of butt-kickingness and go kill some orcs!
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