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May 23rd, 2008, 18:45
Originally Posted by Turjan View Post
No, this won't be scaled back. That was the part that the players liked very much . The problem was that the DM had to do this for each and every NPC and (more or less) monster, which was a huge load of work.

And in NWN2, you could always use the "recommend" button, or whatever it was. This didn't require any decision at all. That's the best for everyone .
Actually D&D 4E will kind of have it's own recommend button for the DM - the books will have lots of sample builds already, and the online tools should be able to knock builds up quite quickly too.

Originally Posted by blatantninja View Post
I think the one thing that annoyed the most was that I couldn't use certain types of weapons until I acquired a feat with that weapon. I don't have a problem with a feat that gives you a bonus to your use of a weapon, but most weapons in these games could at least be picked up and used by just about anyone, and with a little bit of skill if you had used other similar iteams.
I think that's changed in 4E as well, responding to exactly the same kind of comment as you just gave
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