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May 25th, 2008, 10:24
Originally Posted by skavenhorde View Post
Goodbye Atari. Hello indies/European Devs.

I have this sinking suspicion that I will not be buying too many AAA games in the near future. I'm seeing more and more indies that are filling this supply gap that the devs and publishers are creating. I'm really looking foreward to Frayed Knights, Eschalon 2, U6 project (technically not an indie), AOD and Grimiore (if it is ever released that is.)

I've said this a million times but I think the future for our genre lies in Europe. CDprojektRed looks like they're really serious about supporting their product and whether you love em or hate em PB is still doing Gothic like games as well as Jowood. So European publishers/devs and indies. Our genre doesn't look like it's in bad shape to me.

Edit: I've got a question that has been bugging me for awhile maybe someone who's smarter than me can answer it. Why don't these pubs/devs create CRPG's that are less expensive to make?

Instead of investing millions and millions of dollars on a game that doesn't have such mass appeal like a narrative RPG SP game, the devs and publishers only spent 1 or 2 million to create it. That way realistically they could make a profit. It won't be a blockbuster like GTA4, but if it geared toward our little niche and sold world wide then it will make a profit or is it just the blockbuster hits that the publishers are interested in?
I may be not smarter than you but I'll give it a shot
It's simply competition and profit. If you invest lower the chance of profit is high but profit itself is low. However, the more you put in production the higher the stake is but at the same time the higher the profit will be if it hits.
Moreover, Publishers try to compete with each other. Let's say Gothic 1 and 2 are not highly invested in projects(just guessing here), what made PB and Jowood invest a lot more in Gothic 3? The "success" Oblivion made was definately a major reason. Every publisher wants to be the Elite and make more profit.
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