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May 28th, 2008, 14:12
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
KotOR and MotB both had great endings, but let's face it, this is hardly even a competition - Planescape: Torment simply had the best writing (ending included) in any game so far.
Agreed, probably the only game to ever manage an emotional impact on a par with cinema or literature.

Did anyone read the round table thing on the iron tower studios linked to recently? Chris Avellone (planescape writer) was talking about settings I think, and said that he tried to think about what moment in the game would be the unbelievably cool moment and then work back from there, and cited the planescape ending. Certainly worked brilliantly in this case, the whole of the rest of the game had built up to it perfectly.

Shame nobody's proposed a rewrite of it with a new engine and some extra / deleted content, given the writing was already so perfect and engines these days are so cheap I'd have thought it would be a winner, there's enough guaranteed sales on nostalgia / young people who've heard so much from older players about how great it was who can't bring themselves to play such an old interface & graphics.
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