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May 30th, 2008, 15:43
Hm, I should have paid attention to those Xbox reviews ages ago - I hadn't realized this was the case:

"…Imagine Kotor…..then remove all the pause-time strategy-style combat. Replace it with competent but unspectacular third-person shooter tactical action, complete with cover system and team-mate ordering."

Oh crap. I like strategic combat - I like time to think and ponder my next evil retaliatory move. I liked that in Kotor, I liked that in BG I *loathe* team-mate games, because your team mates always do idiotic things - played enough Call of Duty etc to remember that. I like control - I'm a control freak (there, I said it). This sounds more like Jade Empire than Kotor. JE was fun, but not what I was anticipating. I suppose those with well developed button-mashing skills will be thrilled. oh well, hope something else happens along in the next few months.
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