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June 1st, 2008, 05:04
WoW is so big it is a sun. WoW looms so large over the MMO landscape that it's no longer possible to tell if WoW does so many things right (and lord knows, WoW has done a lot right) or whether the way WoW does things just becomes the right way to do it because WoW shapes people's expectations. The point here is that it may be that other MMOs are failing not because they naturally aren't good engh, but instead because WoW is too good, or if you prefer too addictive, or too in control of what people expect from a gaming experience. See?

So if that be true, the flipside is that being a good MMO with a lot of fresh ideas (assuming that's what AoC is) may not in itself be enuogh to stop the game from going under. WoW exerts a massive undertow and perhaps can pull down a MMO ship that might otherwise float just fine.

It's kind of like google. Would you want to develop and market a competing search engine? Even if your search engine is great, you can't win.
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