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June 1st, 2008, 12:37
Originally Posted by zahratustra View Post
That is exactly right. You simply have to keep people interested. Any MMO is only as good as its last update/new contence. Once those will stop coming fast enough the game is doomed!
Well, I think it's not only that really. Look at Lotro for example. Turbine updates like mad. There is no other MMO-Company on the market at the moment that updates so frequently. Still, it never became the WoW-Killer that everyone prophecised it would become. I was always pretty sceptical about Lotro's potential. I think it's a good, solid game in it's current state and still it could only get a fraction of the number of subscribers that WoW has. I see the same happening to AoC, especially in terms of the PC audience. Funcom definately made a few mistakes during the development, which in the end, will cost them customers. The instancing for example - you can't win the hardcore mmo audience that plays mmos since UO with a game that is completely instanced…
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