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June 2nd, 2008, 00:05
I, and most people, agree with Corwin on Dune.

The Frank Herbert Dune sequels are actually pretty heady. They just aren't that entertaining. Children of Dune was so rushed it was ridiculous. This was too bad because this book was closest to the original premise.

Dune Messiah was very predictable but it also ticked off a lot of Dune fans because of what he did to their favorite characters. It seems a lot of fans missed the point.

In God Emperor of Dune he uses the book series' popularity to make some political points. Unfortunately, it showed that Frank didn't know the difference between a Bureaucracy and an Aristocracy. He never read his Weber. However in Heretics of Dune it almost seems like he tries to correct it. Anyone that knew Frank would quickly learn what he thought of critics.

Heretics of Dune was probably the best of the sequels and it was full of the complications and intrigue like the first one. Unfortunately it doesn't have and real protagonists or antagonists so its difficult to read.

The rest of the Frank Herbert dune's just plod along because he has difficulty selling any other of his books. He had a house to pay for in Hawaii and an environmental ranch in Seattle.


Corwin, have you read the Prequels by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson? They are very, very good.
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