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June 2nd, 2008, 04:10
I hear a lot of tribute to Mary Shelly in SciFi circles these days anemone, but of course her monster wasn't entirely original. I think what made it more popular than any of her husband's writings though was the simple theme the dangers of man playing God.

The Gods Themselves was about the "The (time) Watchers" wasn't it, or was that the story of the interdimensional beings with three sexes? Both are excellent and diverge from his robot/galactic empire universe.

I'm not such a fan of HG Wells or George Orwell. Their styles are just too difficult a read, although I finished a couple of Orwells.

I was no fan of the Dune mini-series, but knowing that was coming was the push to make me actually read the book. The book is so good it embarrasses both movies, although the first was very good in its own right, with terrific acting by Kyle McLachlan, Jose Ferrer and Francesca Annis and terrible with Jürgen Prochnow, Sting and Patrick Stewart. It was one of David Lynch's first films and it gets outright bizarre at times.

The costume and set design were great with the Dune miniseries but none of the actors are believable in their roles - at least for the first few that I watched. In particular Saskia Reeves and Ian McNeice were particularly bad.
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