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June 5th, 2008, 16:09
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
In a way that's done here in Oz. The ISP's monitor both downloads and uploads and you are only allowed so much COMBINED for your monthly fee. Let's say $60 gets you 12 GB. That's your combined limit before they cut your speed to dial-up or below!!
*nods* We have similar for cheaper accounts, but I'm suggesting a mandatory charge per gb for uploading only - it needn't be too expensive so that the average user doesn't even notice it, but it'd hit people who upload a LOT of content without getting any funding for it (ie commercial and free projects with funding should still be fine) the aim would be to hit people pirating more than others - even if pirate sites started demanding a small charge for downloading I think it'd have a beneficial effect over all, if like me you believe a significant factor in piracy is sheer ease of getting hold of it.

Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
DRM gets a lot of bad press even prior to release, tho', whether it breaks the game or not.
Who gives it the bad press though? On message boards that I have anything to do with there's usually a correlation between the most ardent DRM haters and those who have admitted pirating software at some point. Of course, there are legitimate users who have problems with it as well, but they don't tend to make so much noise unless it's actually affecting them post release. Even post-release the majority of complaints come from people who haven't bought the game and who somehow think they have a right to moan about the problems they have running an illegitimate copy
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