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June 5th, 2008, 21:49
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
It's interesting that you chose to complain about stardock though. Unlike that X-Box game you bought, stardock will allow you to re-download it as much as you want and even send you the serial information if you lost it. You're perfectly capable of selling the game used- you just have to configure the account for the new user.
1. It's interesting that you think I'm complaining about Stardock, when in fact I'm just relating that indie copy protection schemes can be as much of a hassle, even for a relatively savy PC user, as the maligned big company DRM devices that are the subject of this whole teacup tsunami. I'm happy to put up with some hassle to play a Stardock game, and I'm happy to put up with some hassle to play any good game. It's not that big a deal, just like I don't complain about airlines making me go through metal detectors DESPITE the fact that I paid for my ticket. The nerve.

2. Here's what Stardock has to say in response to your take on their used game policy. My copy was new, so it's not my problem, but here's a heads up anyway:

A few people have been running into problems where they've purchased a used copy of GalCiv II, or one off eBay, and they're told that their serial number's already been used. It is against Stardock's license terms to sell used copies of the game, and as such, they will not be supported.
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