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June 5th, 2008, 22:45
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
I think that's unfair stereotyping you're doing there, I doubt Shamus is a pirate, but even so: it doesn't matter who gives it bad press. Bad word of mouth is bad word of mouth.
Sorry, I really mean forums where I have some kind of administrative role. I wasn't saying everyone who complains about DRM pre-release was a pirate, just that there's a much stronger correlation between the complainers and pirates than between complainers and non-pirates. I'm not sure how visible that data is to the general public because most of the forums actively remove anything associated with illegal activities. The number of people who come and complain on even the publishers forums about the game they've just pirated is quite amazing too

But yeah, any bad word of mouth is bad, especially in an internet era where it takes only a few seeds to build up momentum. I know of people who are quite deliberate in the seeding of bad words simply because they weren't able to easily pirate a game, or even because they've been banned from a forum for their activities - you can control it on your own boards but it's frustrating when they take it to others.
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