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November 16th, 2006, 17:31
Thanks for all the feed back! I will be in the states next week, so Gothic 3 is a *must*. I might even stop playing WoW for it.

A dead silence falls over the room as Lintra's friends all stop talking and turn to look at him. No one dares to breathe for fear of breaking the spell. It is a moment to be cherished. Then Lintra laughs and says "Just kidding! Don't want any of you to suffer heart damage." His friends start to breathe again, the looks of worry slowly draining form their faces as Lintra mutters under his breath "But then again, maybe I am not kidding"

Seriously, Gothic 3 is prolly the only thing that *might* get in the way of WoW for the next month or two. After all …. I still need to get that epic mount!
No good ideas yet … but I am sure I will get some … someday.
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