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June 10th, 2008, 01:08
Originally Posted by Foss View Post
I like how the many options seems so logical.
Thanks. The game was designed with a "what options make sense here?" approach in mind. So, if you think that you should be able to do something in a certain situation, give it a try and see what happens.

Originally Posted by arzar View Post
Something worry me a bit though. In every piece Vince showed us, only NPCs have cool and wordy line. Our Titus is a very "sharp" orator.
I used short PC responses whenever possible to avoid talking in a manner that may not fit your character.

Sometimes he goes long-winded
That was a persuasion line you quoted. The longer response is necessary to make a reasonable argument. Same goes for etiquette, streetwise, crafting, lore, and other checks where you have to talk long enough to make a point or show your skills or understanding of certain matters.

Well, I don't want Fidel Castro speech either, but if we develop our soft-skill, does our Titus get some éloquence too ?
Regular lines won't change, but then again, is it really necessary to be able to say "how much do you want?" in several different ways?
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