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June 10th, 2008, 19:01
Well, it's certainly a piece of good news… although Basilisk really do seem to have taken a few classes at the Pete Hines Academy of PR Speak.

cause-and-effect outcomes to many quests
And that means what? That quests don't resolve themselves spontaneously? I guess they mean multiple solutions (as indeed Book I had), and can only hope that the effects of your choices will propagate beyond the conclusion of one quest.

Hundreds of new graphic elements, tiles, sound effects and music means Book II is not just a remix of Book I. New weather effects including snow, rain, and thunderstorms which can affect gameplay stats and skills.
Well, hooray. How very next-gen.

But, seriously: I enjoyed Book I quite a lot, but it had glaring weaknesses: the story was based on a ludicrous premise (that amnesia setup… ouch!) and was just another variation on the "find the magic doodad, then the four keys, then face foozle" scheme, characters were rather flat and unengaging, threads were left unresolved (that traitorous priest?). It was good, nostalgic fun to see the gameplay of yore being allowed a return to the stage in shiny new clothes, but for me, that craving was served pretty well by Book I, and unless they do something to improve the writing and have just forgotten to mention it in their rush to tell us about the new weather effects, Book II is anything but a certain purchase for me.
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