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June 10th, 2008, 23:59
Oooh, please stop teasing me!

I feel am somewhat bittersweet while ahem… reading your AoD feature (more on this later): in order to keep my sanity on track, I am repeatedly forcing myself to not to get over-excited about AoD as I wanna play it NOW, and not "when it's done"!

Also, I admit, I just check the pictures briefly and read about only every third sentence to prevent *spoiling the game*. IMHO, the best moments in an RPG are not just the obligatory plot twists, but those relevating moments when I realize that YES, this game even allows me to do THIS ridiculous action of mine too AND takes THAT crazy little detail into account too!
Now that the in-game story of AoD is still a mystery to me (and it should be kept this way!), the two other surprise options are hugely spoiled by these in-depth demonstrations…

(A few quick examples:
"regular plot twist"-thingy: Planescape:Torment… 'nuff said.
"crazy action"-moment: bake your own bread in Ultima!
"devil in details"-stuff: in Realms of Arkania it was possible to get cold by visiting the mountains without proper winter clothes)

Now please stop reading my ranting - go back and finish the game at once.
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