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November 16th, 2006, 22:12
Well, you guys sort of forgot about:
Titan Quest that is, IF, you consider action "RPG"s to be RPGs at all(I don't, but hey…). In any event, yes, I own a copy which I picked up around the same time that I picked up Divine Divinity. TQ plays almost EXACTLY like Diablo 2, except there is no randomly generated dungeons. 3 levels of "difficulty" (i.e. you get to play the same game again 3 times total, if you can take that much of it. You get a little better loot drops with higher difficulties, and a few extra "bosses" along with overall tougher opponents.)

Overall, as far as action "RPG"s the only one that I've really liked is Divine Divinity, which sort of surprised me… Has more of a story than most ARPGs, and somewhat more complex quests. (Think dumbed down Baldur's Gate.)

Gods: Lands of Infinity. Combat plays like a jRPG or so I read from reviews, which pretty much turned me off on it, along with not much in the way of character creation and short gameplay.

Avernum 4: The mac version was out last year, IIRC. That Geneforge engine is getting a little long in the tooth too, along with the repetitive story line… but probably 4 is the best for a newcomer.

Also, I note in the forgotten to mention category, Mageknight: Apocalypse, but by all accounts it's junk and yet another action "RPG" of the pick a class/gender combo type ala Diablo 2. (Another bad sign is that their forums looked pretty dead last weekend when I took a peek, on top of that only about 5 or so people seem to post regularly… If you want it, I'd wait until it hits the bargain bins, which shouldn't be long now… or ebay…)

NWN2: It's been out since the end of October in the US. From accounts somewhat updated graphics v. NWN1, MUCH better packin campaign, arguably better UI, and needing of some patching yet, although I gather there are no real show stoppers. Also, if you don't like AD&D rules better skip it, as I've noticed quite a bit of AD&D rules hostility recently…

Gothic 3's been out in Europe for a while(early-mid October), and officially I believe that it's supposed to be out in the US on the 20th of November. More of an action adventure than RPG though, as even the developers classify it as that. Better make sure you run patch v1.09 if the US version doesn't already come patched to that level.
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