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November 16th, 2006, 22:43
Originally Posted by Arma View Post
I don't want to, but I feel obliged to bring up the old 2d vs 3d debate. While 3D may be nice in some kings of games, it is of little necessity to TBS games… On the other hand, in Heroes V it may not be a burden (apart from sys reqs) and some of the art itself is nice, I still believe the now 'bout 10 years old HMM titles to look prettier than Nival work.
On the 2D/3D debate, I agree 100%, but publishers think you need eyecandy to sell a game--any game.

I think the graphics are indeed somewhat of a burden in HOMMV, but at least the core elements of the game remain the same. All the window-dressing does slow the play, tho-and once you are actually playing the game you don't notice it anyway.

Still, I think Nival did a fairly good job of not turning it into "Etherlords III of Might and Magic" either artwise or play-wise.

The art of the old titles is charming, but some of the effects the fan mapmakers are getting with the new map editor are pretty amazing.

It's amusing that the fan base wrote a better manual, are constantly coming up with all kinds of mods & tweaks that enrich the game, and often make better maps than the people who are getting paid for it. You see this with a lot of games--once they come out, they get better through the efforts of the players and not the publishers who wash their hands of it once the title is sold. That's why I was giving a bit of a tip of the hat to Ubi for at least making an effort to do something after publication.

@Lucky Day
The cutscenes were okay, except for the non-moving lips thing and the swooping dramatic spell-casting gestures at the end of each sentence. As pure cinematics, some of them were stunning at times, especially the ones for the Sylvan campaign.
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