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June 14th, 2008, 04:11
Unfortunately, that also seems to be unlikely.

1. There has been a ruleset revision since RoA series that introduced extensive changes to the game. It's now a point-buy-system with lots of different skills for nearly everything. In the meanwhile it becameso complex that it has to be dumped down or it would become confusing without a 150 pages manual (what is really unlikely, especially because it would have to be translated into English)

2. In fact they will try to reach Joe Playstation. The game was designed for PC, that's for sure. But that was only because they didn't get the chance to make it muliplattform from the beginning. You have to know, Germany is mainly PC market (although even this begins to change). So no publisher wanted a "typical german" RPG and that one, that wanted the game, hasn't been a certified xbox publisher at that time. dtp is know certified and of course they are now thinking about an xbox release. In fact that's the market where the money is and that's what I think they need if they want to compete in future.

I think it's more hardcore than oblivion, but not even quite as hardcore as the old RoA. It's somewhat like NWN2.
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