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June 14th, 2008, 23:53
It was every two years, Corwin, but they must have changed it.

Another issue I have with the Devs. Though they seem to be dead and gone; good riddance.

The most recent news was from '07, when they managed to rebuild the forums again. The livejournal's latest is from '05! Where they again lie about releasing the source code.

I couldn't find anywhere that offered the patched for the full game, only the demo. Legitimate developers publish patches on a myriad of sites dedicated to that sort of thing, and don't charge for the things. I actually backed mine up, thankfully, but haven't bothered to reinstall it since building this computer. I might dig them out and see about posting them freely. My account is long since deactivated; and I couldn't care less if they 'ban' me from their forums. I don't go there, nor will I buy anything from SSS again.

*edit* Found it. v2.01a. This added a few features, and changed a troublesome picture or two. Now that I think about it, early versions had some memory leaks, and were resource hogs for such a design. Slowdowns and lockups became common.
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