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June 16th, 2008, 19:17
Oh, for… Look, this is stupid, okay? Capital "S" Stupid. Hunger timers add nothing to the game- some realism, yes, but realism is dramatically overrated. Whenever the meter starts getting low, the player has to either die or stop having fun so he can get fed. It also leaves open the possibility that the player will be able to save the game in a state that is functionally unwinnable and have to start over from the beginning. The only way to keep it from disrupting the gameplay is to make it irrelevant to the game- which means that you've just spent a lot of effort coding a meaningless bullet point. Not only that, but it's a bullet point that your target audience will look at and say "EWWWWW, Hunger meter! I'm NOT buying this…"

Seriously, people, didn't we learn our lesson in the 80's? I challenge anyone on this board to point out one significant way in which a hunger timer would improve the game.
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