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June 16th, 2008, 23:26
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I love the idea of the hunger and thirst meter. I like having to plan a dungeon crawl, or a foray into the desert or whatever. It's all about strategy, which I think should involve more than just how to defeat the next monster. (To be fair though, I have not played Eschalon at all yet). Of course, if there are going to be hunger and thirst, the ability to satisfy them needs to be accessible (though not always easy), IE hunting, getting water from ponds, etc.

You say that didn't we learn our lessons from the 80's? What lessons, some of the best games every made PERIOD include food as concern (Ultima's 4-7 come to mind).
Let me ask you this, do you like it just as much when you do all that planning and forethought and strategising, and micromanaging, and packing, and organizing… and then starve to death on the last level of the dungeon anyway because you just packed one loaf too few back at that start? Keep in mind that, since you made that mistake at the beginning of the dungeon, there's a good chance you now have to redo two hours of the game that you've solved before. Still think it's a good idea?

It's a bit like the Dahaka races in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. It's incredibly fun and unique if you manage to win on the first or second try, but if you have to try a fourth time you start wanting to murder the designer with a rusty stiletto.

Ultima 4 was a great game, and did include the hunger mechanic, but said mechanic was one of the things that brought the game down. In fact, the dungeons were intolerable because the damn Gremlins kept stealing all your food and left you starving slowly to death. They were so numerous that you had no chance of bringing enough food to make it past the third floor, and running was out of the question because it killed your Valor. Everyone I know who beat Ultima 4 just looked up the dungeon maps and used the passage in Lord British's castle and to zip right to the stones via the altar rooms.
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