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June 16th, 2008, 23:40
Originally Posted by Lord_Craxton View Post
Ultima 4 was a great game, and did include the hunger mechanic, but said mechanic was one of the things that brought the game down. In fact, the dungeons were intolerable because the damn Gremlins kept stealing all your food and left you starving slowly to death. They were so numerous that you had no chance of bringing enough food to make it past the third floor, and running was out of the question because it killed your Valor. Everyone I know who beat Ultima 4 just looked up the dungeon maps and used the passage in Lord British's castle and to zip right to the stones via the altar rooms.
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Now you may retract that last statement. My party picked most of the gremlins off with ranged weapons before they even got close, and some of the worst rooms could be circumvented.

In all honesty, I do prefer the way food was implemented in the later Ultimas: IIRC, you didn't lose hit points if you ran out of food, but you couldn't regenerate them if you slept on an empty stomach. I'm not crazy about hunger/thirst meters as such. However, including it in some way or other is a good thing, IMHO, because it adds a new and distinct strategic element: attrition. It's a different type of problem than beating monsters or figuring out puzzles, but for me, if done right, it is a welcome addition to the blend of challenges that a good RPG presents.
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