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June 17th, 2008, 01:48
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Personally, I hate hunger meters. For me, they add nothing but frustration. The worst part of U7 was all the 'I'm Starving' messages I was constantly getting in the early stages of the game. Make it an option if you like, for the masochistic, but realism per se is not absolutely necessary. If you include food, then perhaps we need toilets to complete the cycle!!!! I hope not.
I love the way Corwin always perfectly hits the spot!!

I second the motion to whoever hates hunger and water meters.
They blow.
I hated all games that included that system.

Come on. I played D&D for over two decades and never bothered my players to bring the exact amount of food for a quest or for whatever.

I mean. Come on!!

Or else, like mister Corwin said so well :

"Give me a back house!!"

PS : Even though I enjoyed Arx Fatalis, I hated the : I'm hungry! crap. Oops.
Pun! heheh.
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