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June 17th, 2008, 12:27
Originally Posted by vidder View Post
You know hyperboles can also go into the opposite direction:
So while we are at it, why not drop the roleplaying stats (realism??), the different weapons (youŽll only need one, come on!), day and night cycle (who would want that?) all together with the food/thirst meter.
Oh wait, dumbing down games is not so funny now, right?
It's not about "dumbing down" games or not - it's about keeping the fun parts and getting rid of the not-so-fun parts. Different people have different opinions on where this split goes. Personally I don't like having to pack food/drink in RPGs very much but I like day and night cycles for example - even (or especially) if it means shops and NPCs are not available at all times.

I enjoyed Eschalon bool I very much, and the first thing I noticed on the new screen shots was the food and drink meter - and to be honest, for me they represent a step backwards for the series.
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