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June 17th, 2008, 15:40
Originally Posted by vidder View Post
You know hyperboles can also go into the opposite direction:
So while we are at it, why not drop the roleplaying stats (realism??), the different weapons (youŽll only need one, come on!), day and night cycle (who would want that?) all together with the food/thirst meter.
Oh wait, dumbing down games is not so funny now, right?

RPG = GAME. The game must be FUN. The menial, repetitive, mundane tasks (such as cooking a meal, or doing laundry) of our current 2008 existence on this planet called Earth are overwhelming rejected in RPGs. And generally, RPGs are set in Fantasy realms which overwhelmingly REJECT the verified scientific reality of our contemporary (2008) existence. The current laws of science (of which, food & eating requirements refer to anatomy, medicine and biology in our scientific-based 2008 existence) are generally tossed out the window and replaced by abilities and activities which DEFY and REJECT our contemporary scientific laws.

Like I said, if one is going to institute eating and drinking requirements in RPGs, then cooking, serving and consuming meals is along with subsequent bathroom requirements is ALSO within the bounds of the same realistic standard which ultimately demands the inclusion of menial, repetitive, mundane contemporary tasks, "because they are realistic".

I wasn't referring to sky, night, dawn, weapons and character stats, as those are certainly things which ADD to the fun of the unrealistic and overwhelmingly FANTASY-Based RPGs. Btw, character stats are not found in our contemporary 2008 AD earth existence, so they are an unrealistic game-based invention/system, included solely for the purpose of enhancing Roleplaying fantasy via intricate character design (designing your own character, or setting an explicit numerical ranking for a given characteristic is INHERENTLY ENTIRELY UNREALISTIC).

But of course, we all know Corwin's stats are…

Str : 12
Dex : 14
End : 16
Int : 16
Wis : 17
Cha : 18

….right ? And he choose them of his own volition at birth, right ?

Some of you may actually enjoy dinner obligations in everyday life. But making them mandatory in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy RPG is simply mundane, menial, tedious, inappropriate silliness and stupidity.

In a RPG, having to gather the oatmeal for breakfast and the chicken drumstick for dinner, in order to get ample calories, is the ultimate manifestation of "dumbing-down", to the point of ridiculousness.
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