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June 19th, 2008, 03:39
actually i think you've got it completely backwards. true there are expansions that use existing content but there are also standalone expansions as well. addons are very rarely referred to and when they are they are ususally much smaller and sometimes free--hence while they would use the same engine as costs are less. expansions are rarely larger than the orginal but they are usually at least half the size of the original. if this gothic 3 'add-on' is only 20 hours it would certainly be foolish to call it an expansion.

for example lets take housing.
if your doing an expansion on your house, it could be an entire floor or wing, while an 'addon' to me gives the connotation of a room, garage, excetera. putting a little extra on the original while expanding is adding an entire new branch/wing. expanding implies future growth and direction like a new limb on a tree. an 'add-on' is an artificial addition which would be like graphting a new limb onto a tree, a move that would not imply future growth but a limited addition.
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