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June 21st, 2008, 00:42
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
Iīm not sure about the current status. A thread on SlashDot has screenshots of an error window basically saying: "Your 3 activations are through. Buy a new copy if you want to play it again. Greetings, EA."

If thatīs true - and Iīm not saying it is - itīs completely unacceptable. Period.

So my position is: EA has to prove the player can activate it as often as he wants. Otherwise no sale. If EA doesnīt trust the players the players have no reason to trust EA.
I'm no fan of the current "phone home" activation; especially not limited activation types of DRM. Having said that, against my better judgement I purchased the game the night of June 18. While I was aware of the Securom DRM implementation I was unaware of the 3x Activation limit. This limit is mentioned no where on the box or any of the literature contained with the game. It is simply stated, visibly, on the box that "An Internet connection is required for online authentication."

I encountered several problems attempting to install the game. With my experience and level of expertise I've never had these sorts of issues before with any game.
I harken back to the begining of PC gaming and a tad beyond

Eventually the error that directs customers to “re-purchase another registration code” appeared. Incensed I contacted EA at the start of buisness on the morning of the 19th. I'm not at liberty to discuss those conversations but suffice to say a few others experienced the error as well; as reported on Slashdot.

Since I've spoken by phone directly with higher level people at EA I can unequivocally state; "it is not true, you are not required to purchase another "registration code".
This should be addressed and from the announcements on the forum posted late afternoon of June 19th it appears this is true. Bureaucracies move slowly but EA seems to be on top of this as well they should be. As for the limited activations, my understanding is for now they remain in place however should more be required access to them should tend to be a bit more "hassle free".

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