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June 25th, 2008, 06:18
I guess I just need to view this title with less RPG-ness. It's like Deus Ex--a little less so tactically compared to Deus Ex's gun combat, but still in that vein. So in that regard I guess it seem pretty interesting and probably pretty fun. I still have my reservations, and their media blitz isn't exactly impressive by any standards.

The previewer's reservations are pretty amusing. Compared to the orgasmic coverage in Fallout 3/Oblivion previews, this thing sounds almost negative. They portray the Obsidian developers as no-names, mock their past efforts, and joke about how they can't ship a game on time. Not all invalid concerns but still, the contrast is rather glaring.

I think someone at Obsidian doesn't know how to pitch a game properly. I haven't seen a single preview that would grab any type of player by the balls and get them interested; I only care as a BIS/Obsidian/Avellone fanboy. They need a evil Hinesean PR genius over there.
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