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June 26th, 2008, 06:44
I like Wiz7 well enough but noone with any talent designed DL - the proof is in the game. You tell me - did someone with any talent write those NPCs? Take Obsidian - roundly criticised for not being able to finish a game (KotOR2) but they at least started with a decent design document, which is more than DL can say.

Yeah, I take DL a bit personally. I did a phone interview with Bradley back in 2004 - had to get up at 2AM and the phone call from Australia to Atlanta (?…forgotten) cost ~AUD$100. He told me how that system was finished and this system was being tested and how intricate the factional system was etc etc. Now, I understand I'm just some schlep from the fan press and Bradley was only interested in positive press but when you tell me a bunch of stuff is finished that doesn't even exist, I'm going to call bullshit.

So, tell me a bunch of crap (yeah, yeah - just marketing), then I import the game (AUD$130 from the US) because I liked Wiz7 and then try to sell me the Collector's Edition?

I take a pretty balanced approach to unfinished games (ask me about ToEE or KotOR2 etc) but taking a step back and looking at the design intent, I just don't see any genuine, quality attempt at writing anything beyond cliche high-school-level dungeon master stuff, which ticks me off after all that money and misdirection.
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