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November 17th, 2006, 18:10
We learned hunting skills from a random NPC in a shack, for instance, after completing a quest for him. After visiting a few towns, these trainers seemed fairly common, so it's not like they're impossible to find. It's just a little strange to have to find all this out on your own.
Gamers and the gaming press are a snotty little group of people… had Gothic 3 had a 'You Are Here' along with a 'You Need To Go To Here To Complete XYZ Quest' system much like Oblivion, then much like Oblivion, G3 would be criticized.

Now that Gothic 3 is more of a 'find it yourself' type of game… which seemed to be what everyone wanted with all the bitching that went on when Oblivion came out, naturally, one of the first U.S. based reviews complains about it.

Being a dev. these days must take a lot of personal stamina and restraint.
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