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July 2nd, 2008, 12:05
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
I only played diablo2 few times but I didnt see any story and thought the presentation was awful especially the dummy npcs in the starting village. My friend showed me the fancy cutsceens but I didnt see any story in them either. As for HGL its not singleplayer rpg quality but still better than what mmos offer usually so its somthing - and I did catch the story from the beginning without any problems. But as said its all about taste.
I think HGL is an excellent game, I just don't care for the story. I personally think most modern MMOs have MUCH better story focus than HGL. LOTRO is a very good example of an MMO that contains a solid story aspect.

Naturally, it's about taste, and I understand that people didn't enjoy the story in Diablo 2. I wouldn't have thought anyone would find HGL better in that regard, but as always, we have exceptions




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