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November 17th, 2006, 22:13
I think 3 loading zones would improve things tremendously. In fact, if the rumours of an xBox360 port are true, they will have to rearchitect the game since it utilizes a shared 512 MB buffer.

And Dhruin, if you turn off the annoying "Loading Area…" message in Oblivion you'll barely notice the transitions - and its not as if Gothic 3 doesnt stutter anyway? What exactly have they gained over Gothic 2 and its 3 zones? I'm not trying to bash the game - I'm just saying that the games visuals don't justify the system requirements. Ironically though, those requirements have nothing to do with the visuals, but for reviews it doesnt matter. Sure its seamless, great. But it still stutters enough you might as well have Oblivion streaming methods and allow your game to run on more common hardware. The game would be far more stable and the reviews would be better.
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