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July 4th, 2008, 05:31
chalk it up to 'missed the boat' syndrome. with anything that has a rabid cult following, people who pick it up much later tend to approach the movie, game, with expectations that bend to their own notion of greatness, ie their favourites. that's some of the beauty though of though of cult material in the first place; it was never marketed to the mainstream but it uniqueness and quality material soon spread through word of mouth, not flying blurbs. and all those mouths can make something much less pristine after a while.

on a fitting note though there is a new game out for the movie that has some of the actors doing voice over work, including the clever sicilian.

the demo actually lets you play a good chunk of the game, its time based, don't go in with 'great expectations' though.
it is all ages friendly though so that's a plus.

oh and sammy hopefully you didn't let the tigress see too much of your dissatisfaction with the movie. i know both male and females who have used that movie as a romance litmus test so to speak…

also i would wager anyone who saw this movie after forrest gump is less likely to enjoy it as they would have already seen robin wright in a memorable romance. the only known actors at the time really in princess bride are the ones in 'reality'
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