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July 4th, 2008, 22:11
this is the game that weened me off my addiction to Everquest way back when it was released. I've not been able to actually play it again, but recently did play through NWN2 w/ expansion and have had an urge to dive back in again.

Lisa: If you were making Planescape: Torment right now, are there things you would do differently from the original release?

Chris: Probably start off with more combat - the beginning is very slow and exposition-heavy, and I don't think that helps get the player into the mystery of his character. This is something I tried to correct in the future opening levels of Black Isle games (notably IWD2, where you're in trouble the moment you step off the boat in Targos). Also, I would work more extensively in creating more dungeon and exploration areas, and do another pass on the combat mechanics in the game - the story and quest structure in the game ended up becoming the primary focus of design, and I think the game suffered as a whole when it came to combat.
Wasn't this the reason this game was so good? The story elements and setting were so unusual and well done.
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