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July 6th, 2008, 12:52
First things first: In Gothic you don't make the choice from start on. You have a predefined loser and you chose your own way. You can play it as a mage, but that path is only later on available. Everyone has to start out as just a normal dude with a stupid sword. I like that idea, others don't.

1. As a fighter you can always use the spell scrolls, but not the runes. Runes do the same kind of magic, but you will keep them after you use them.

2. The path that I liked to follow is that of the old camp both as guard and as mage. The reason is that with this path you will see that almost all the armour becomes available to you. But you should chose the camp you feel is right for you. (I'm someone who tries to do every little quest in every camp before I have to chose.)
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