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July 6th, 2008, 16:47
I would also say stay flexible for as long as possible. At some point in the game you have to commit - and then stay focused on that path.
Invest the first couple of skill points in things useful for combat. Even a mage needs to servive until he finds good spells.

Download JemyMīs FAQ as a replacement for the manual. Choose the alternative controls if you are right-handed. Thatīs a permutation of a normal shooter setup (ASDW + [CTRL or LMB]). Learning the controls takes ca. 3*5 minutes if you can find a clear explanation. Unfortunately most reviewers didnīt even try to understand them. So donīt worry about the controls. Theyīre fast and effective when youīve understood them. Especially the combat becomes second nature later on, when your character learned how to correctly use a sword.
Some people think a gamepad is the best input device.
Gothic is traditionally pretty hard in the first few hours, so donīt worry if you get killed often. Itīs non-linear, you can - and should - run away if you think you cannot win. One or two levels later things might look different. A little bit more Str, a better armour, a new sword and suddenly you are much more effective.
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