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November 18th, 2006, 01:24

What game master has a mind suave enough to handle the economics of what you describe? That would press any GM to the edge to have to similute realistically what would happen. And in that event you would have to be playing alone with the GM, or have a group of friends that wouldn't mind playing a boring economics game instead of an rpg.

Now lets say its a NWN module run by a DM, or a real pnp game, you could skip the details, roll some dice, and see what the outcome is. If its ruin for the town, ruin it is.

In ToEE, this could be represented by killing everyone in town and just imagining you ruined them through finance.

I think what you described can be done in a crpg, it would just take a lot of resources and time and a big chunk of the game, so it really wouldn't quailify as a side quest, more an intrisic part of the path to the end if anyone were to do it. Or it could be done simply with the roll of dice and time passing.
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