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July 7th, 2008, 20:18
Originally Posted by dteowner View Post
The game went from very easy to very difficult in a real hurry in Neverwinter. I'm working the City Watch branch and my well-equipped, well-buffed party of Khelgar, Neeshka, and my scythe-wielding cleric were hopelessly outmanned on 2 quests (one for the Watch and one for Neeshka). I had to stoop to picking up the druid just for the extra manpower.

This one isn't drawing me in as much as NWN1 did. We'll see if that changes as I get further in. I just turned level 9.
God, clearing that warehouse of sneak attack crazy rogues was annoying. Especially with Mr 'I know no religion besides Power Attack, no matter what you set my AI to' Khelgar.

Things that make the watch quests tolerable (and I suspect you've got another reload-a-rama fight coming up) are: Stoneskin and Call Lightning. A delightful due of destruction found on Elanee. Alternatively, if you're not ashamed of turning down Hardcore diff to Default/Normal for a minute a level 8 Qara (as long as she knows stoneskin - mine does) who goes Fireball spam happy is an even better replacement. I had a lot of reloads before getting to the 'oh. duh. Stoneskin.' realization.

If it makes you feel better, the evil Thieves Guild quests are even harder. Room after room filled with full plate wearing guys with power-critical longsword will mess you up on Hardcore. All too often it would be just my evil PC left standing.

(Fighter/Wizard/Eldrich Knight. With still spell to eliminate the armor arcane failure penalty on his full plate and tower shield he doesn't die unless I give him permission to: With combat expertise up at that point in the game I was running with an AC of 32, mirror image in case they rolled a 20 and hit me, Displacement so half of all attacks just fail anyways, and stoneskin up to eliminate most damage of the guys who beat the 50% miss chance, rolled a 20, and somehow didn't hit an image. Which wasn't… anyone really.)

Once you get sent to Old Owl Well is when the game's story started to draw me in. And I couldn't stop playing for the entire last quarter of chapter one.
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