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July 7th, 2008, 21:19
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The complete-ist in me has had a good conniption and settled in for a serious pout over this influence stuff. I actually like the concept quite a bit, but I can tell it's keeping me from working on companion quests and that's just mean. I've had several other instances already where I feel like I've missed out on something (that Dr. Livingston guy I found outside the Eyegouger cave?). Good game design, but a real pisser for me.
The influence thing is pretty good AND pretty annoying all at the same time. Ironically (and probably deliberately) the most dysfunctional party I've found is the first party you start with. None of them like each other. It's a good way to showcase the influence gained/lost system. Dumping Neeshka with my Lawful Good monk/fighter (I detect traps by running through them, since I've got something like +15 to all saves and immunity to most nasty stuff) helped make the world a happier place for elves and dwarves.

If you're looking for a laugh if you do an evil playthrough, keep Elanee in the party, but mock or infuriate her every chance you get, and never do what she suggests. NWN 2 is so far doing a pretty good job of making me HATE my evil character for being such an evil prick. He's not 'dark cool'. He's not 'edgy'. He's a sarcastic, violent, murderous fiend without a shred of decency, respect for others, or remorse. I cheer every time he dies.

As far as I know, Livingston guy isn't tied to any companion sidequest. Not even Grobnar (gah. Hatred in gnome form.)
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