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July 8th, 2008, 13:02
Steal was incredibly unbalanced too, especially in FO2.

Instant non-cheating godmode in FO2:

(1) Tag Steal and Big Guns.
(2) Trek to New California Republic.
(3) Steal a Big Gun from one of the guards in green camo.
(4) Profit!

That said, these latest rumbles do sound like Bethsoft is not really doing the franchise justice. Personally I couldn't care less about first-person vs iso, real-time vs turn-based; however, I do care about the enormous variety of ways to solve problems, the deep and rich interaction of consequences of your actions and character-building choices, and the viability of the "Charisma Boy" build (in FO1; FO2 already was way more combat-heavy). Going by the interviews, these things have mostly fallen by the wayside. Shame, dat.
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