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July 9th, 2008, 12:12
Originally Posted by Sir Markus View Post
Part of me thinks you're probably right, but that game play video makes the game look pretty far along, plus they say they've been working on it since 2004. I'm not ready to say this game won't be released sooner rather than later. We'll see. A quote I found, for what it's worth….

"How long has Diablo III been in development, and when was the project first conceived?"

Leonard Boyarsky: "I donít know this information firsthand, but yesterday I was in a press conference with Mike Morhaime, and he said it really got going in 2004. [Before,] it had been kicked around. Iíve only been with Blizzard for two and a half years Ė so thatís how long itís been going for me. Itís been around a while."

True enough, but I don't think time in development means all that much in this case. I remember Blizzard talking about going back and forth from 2D to 3D for ages with D2, for instance. Today, they're in a position where they can develop for as long as they want, without needing to worry much about when to release.

However, none of us know anything for sure, and I'd rather you were right. I could use a D3 right about now




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