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July 9th, 2008, 18:00
I did. I like to play stealth-types, so I had tagged Steal. Once I got to Vault City, I noticed that I could steal the socks off shopkeepers, and got some steel armor and pretty good weapons. A little later I made it to NCR, and stole stuff off the guards. At that point I noticed that my STR was too low for the Big Guns, so I started over with a burly guy built as described, and proceeded to waltz through combat for the rest of the game.

The irony is that when I decided to do another play-through, several years later, I decided to "play it right" -- tagged Small Guns and Speech, and played as a woman. And… I can't stand the combat. It's unbelievably tedious, random, boring, and time-consuming. And I die all the time. And I can't avoid it either.

IOW, *entirely unlike FO1*, I had much more fun playing FO2 with a big dumb munchkin. In other words, it's severely unbalanced and suffers badly from "dominant strategy syndrome."
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