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July 9th, 2008, 18:03
Originally Posted by curiously undead View Post
exactly. when in reality is killing a child acceptable under any circumstances or anyones moral code?

why should it be in a game.
Because one of the fun things of role-playing games is that you can play a role. Some of them let you play the role of a villain.

Think of Keyzer Söze in The Usual Suspects. There's the one scene where he comes home to see his rival gang raping his wife and holding his children hostage. He coolly shoots everyone: his wife and children first, the gangbangers second, only he leaves one alive to tell the story.

Is he a monster? Absolutely. That's rather the whole point of the scene. Would it be interesting to play such a character in a (computer) role-playing game? I certainly think so.

i guess for those who want it, we shouldn't be supprised when an mmo comes out where you can go on 'raids' and gang rape a bunch of six graders. its just a game…uhhuh
You know, that's exactly the same type of argument as the "first they train for killing on their X-Boxes, so the next thing they'll go shoot up a school." It's called the "slippery slope fallacy."

tormenting spirits of children is just about the same as blowing a childs brains out or 'ripping their spinal cord our'?
No, it isn't. But you said that any and all cruelty towards children should be strictly off-limits for games and movies, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a sick fuck. I took slight umbrage at that.
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