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July 9th, 2008, 18:11
I can easyly understand why they have made sure that you can't kill children in the game.
Can just imagine one of those screenshots we have seen where a mutant is getting its head blown of. Imagine that to be a 8 year old girl with a wornout teddybear in her hands.
Would most likely create alot of problems for Bethesda.

I do like though that children is still in the game vs Oblivion where there were none.

And expecially in a Fallout scenario, where its survival of the fittest and its such a rough enviroment. Seeing children there adds to the emotionel feel.
They are the true loosers of such a world. They didn't cause it and they will have to live the rest of their lives with it, with all the problems that brings with it.
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