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July 9th, 2008, 20:35
but prime junta you're talking about ghosts/spirits, which don't physically exist in reality in the first place so what happens to them into in a game is a bad comparrison.

usual suspects never showed him killing his family anyhow. the power of keyser soze anyhow was in his power of persuasion. i don't think a game would be possible in that regard anyhow as it would just be an excuse to create improbable events and heinous acts. its much easier to create unrealistic events in npcs that it is with actors anyhow.

why not create a manson simulator.
is there any rational excuse for 'role playing' someone who can do whatever unspeakable act he/she feels like?
are peoples lifes in reality that unsatisfying that we have to stoop to doing such acts even in a virtual setting. dreams and fantasies, nightamares, or thoughts are one thing that regardless of what happens in them should never be judged, but a willful simulation of such acts are an entirely different matter and justifying the 'need' for those is beyond a slipperly slope as even with a jet engine i don't think you'd be able to reach a location where you could get a majority to validate such 'virtual' behavior.

people who feel the need for these types of 'games' are going to bring about the death of gaming if they keep at is it will simply incur the wrath of those that would like to see no violence, lewdness, in gaming at all.

not being able to kill children in a game ruins the 'perfect' setting. this is so laughable that carefully crafted is used, but its a lack of carefulness that allows children not to be killed. like all habits there is a bit of social conscious/awareness that 'users' should have unless they want to be addicts. gamers, especially us pc gamers, are often looked upon as having 'anti-social' behavior, but this pushes it way beyond that, and if this becomes the norm--guess i'll have to find a new hobby or an old one…
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