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July 9th, 2008, 21:30
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
As for the discussion of perks vs. traits, I don't quite understand the difference either. I'm OK with them being merged into perks and that you get to choose a new pewrk every time you level up. But 100 perks?? That's a lot. Less is (again) more, I find. 50 or less perks would have been better, I find. The skill list looks OK too, I find.
From what I can remember, most Traits had a negative effect aswell as a positive. Where Perks only had positive effects.
So it wasen't necessarily a good thing to pick any Traits.
I remember I picked one called Fast Shot or something, which I foucd out later in the game, made me unable to aim, which was a big handicap imo. I was lucky there was a perk that let me switch Traits.

About the number of perks, it does include mutiple ranks, not that I know how many and how often they occur. But could be like the old perks where you could increase a stat, you might be able to do that multiple times in F3.

Though, I don't mind the number of perks, whats important is that they have some skill/stat requirements for some of them, so no matter what chr you play there will be some more or less unique perks assosiated with that.
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