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July 9th, 2008, 22:25
Originally Posted by woges View Post
Games are fun! So you can't let the public fire up the dark depths of the ID in such a way and allow them the thought that child killing is fun. PJ, what classification process is Dwarf Fortress ever having to go through as a low key free enterprise? I think that most classification boards are 'concerned' with the kind of reality graphics are starting to achieve rather then the actions themselves. That's why books don't get the same treatment, they are also considered more mature of course.
That's not the point. CU was arguing that no game and no movie, without exceptions, should permit killing or cruelty to children, as a matter of principle and quite distinct from practical considerations like ratings, let alone such niceties as the presentation (symbols vs. 2d sprites vs. realistic 3d animations). And not just that, he branded anyone who disagrees with him a "sick fuck." I was slightly ticked off by that.

He does appear to have backpedaled furiously since then, as he stated that fantasy children, like the ghosts in Jade Empire, "don't count." And other similar stuff.
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