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July 9th, 2008, 22:43
actually i was only reffering to graphical depiction of cruel acts toward children--not an artistic expression of it. video games are more and more real in many aspects, to not add 'carefulness' in how those sentive subjects are dealt with is riduculous and that would try/want to agrue just so you can be 'right' baffles me. vouyerism though is not art, whether in film, game, or otherwise. art comes from the creating end, not the (as the case in games) the 'freedom' to do as you please.

and seriously give up on the jade empire bit. i said it was a bad comparrison not that it was okay. seriously for someone who has so much knowledge, i'm dissapointed that not only are you not only not reading what i've wrote, but also not understanding my views. i'm not saying you have to find them agreeable, but so far you or anyone has failed to justify a need for such virtual actions.
i only played Jade Empire once and i did not choose the tormenting action, nor have i played it again to try the oh so meaingful, other binary 'evil' choice for either some base craving or as some folks say "&(#$ and giggles" .

"similar stuff"--i guess someone's lexicon is on holiday

just got a postcard from your humanity too, the beach looks smashing!
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